Kevin Bray

Developer Portfolio

BiblioCommons Events

BiblioEvents is an event publishing and discovery application built with Node and Ember.js. It includes support for multi-user event editing and review (a big selling point for metropolitan libraries with thousands of events per year), plus a suite of widgets, RSS feeds and REST endpoints for integration with other BiblioCommons products.

The box on the left is a live widget featuring events at Chicago Public Library. My personal favouite is Preschool Dance Party.

January 2014

Node.js, Ember.js, CoffeeScript, MongoDB, Redis, Solr

BiblioCommons Locations

Bibliocommons' first product on a full JavaScript stack, the Locations module enables libraries to share branch information (address, operating hours) with their patrons. It includes a variety of widgets and API integrations for publishing branch information in BiblioCommons' other platforms. It supports real-time branch opening/closing status, maps and geo-searching.

October 2013

Node.js, Ember.js, CoffeeScript, MongoDB, Redis

Etsy Team Showcase

A customizable widget for displaying a "grab bag" of items for sale by a team of sellers on Etsy. Uses the Etsy API.

October 2012


Virtual Math Tools

Math exercises made to be embedded in Pearson Canada's eLearning products. Custom lesson data are delivered to the tools by a REST API. My part in the project was to build the API, an authoring application, a help site and several application containers. Preview versions of several tools can be found on the marketing site for Math Makes Sense.

January 2012

REST, PHP, Flash/Flex, jQuery, HTML5, SMART Notebook

Handmade Devices

In my other life I experiment with physical interfaces and discrete logic. The objects I build are functional sculptures with an offbeat but focused aesthetic. Some can be found for sale on my Etsy shop.


CMOS, TTL, arduino, EDA

Pre-calculus 11 Teacher's Guide

A media-enhanced version of Pearson's Pre-calculus 11 textbook, with supplementary activities. This product uses Pearson Canada's ProGuide platform, which I refactored from AS2 to AS3. This product is distributed on DVD.

July 2011

Flash, SMART Notebook

Live Ink

A high school literacy suite featuring a media-intensive companion site. The companion site includes vocabulary and grammar games, practice tests and a library of instructional videos. My role was to resolve development issues that had put the project off schedule, and to restructure the application for modular re-use. The application is restricted to registered users, but the marketing video shows its main features.

January 2011


Fiona & Kevin

A clean and simple invitation and RSVP site for our wedding in March 2011. The host server for the original site has been shut down, but a portfolio copy is parked here.

I used this site to experiment with REST, JSON and a fully asynchronous application structure. This was also a return to PHP after several years of .Net development.

October 2010

jQuery, REST, JSON, PHP, PostgreSQL

Securities Policy Tracking System

An internal-use application for tracking policies issued by Canadian provincial securities regulators. On this project I was the analyst. I modelled the Byzantine world of Canadian securities policy.

January 2010

UML, Oracle

Carswell Internal Systems

Product catalogue, documentation libraries, XSLT/FO publishing tools, legal data collection tools.

Over 5 years at Carswell I developed a variety of production applications. I also worked extensively on legacy systems in obscure langauges.


C#, ASP.Net, PostScript, XML/SGML, SQL Server, Oracle, AJAX, SOAP, REST


ArkhivNet was a research project to catalogue the flood of documents being published out of declassified Russian archives after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

April 2004

PHP, PostgreSQL